Aerosmith, Road Runner, 2004

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Alabama Mike, Day to Day, 2009

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Anastacia, Made for loving you, 2000

Albert Collins, Get to Gettin', Don't lose your control, 1983

Alice Cooper, School's out, 1972

Al Di Meola, The Wizard, 1976

Aretha Franklin, Come back Baby, 1968

Anthony Gomes, Up to zero, 2012

Guitar Shorty, What good is life?, 2010

Dave Hole, Rough Diamond Child, 2007

Johnny and the Hurricanes, Red River Rock, 1959

Albert King, Born under a bad sign, 1967

Alexis Korner, Alexis Korner, 1974

Alannah Myles, Mistress of Erzulie, A Lan Nah, 1995

Duke Robillard, Jump the Blues for you, World full of Blues, 2007

Eric Sardinas, Down to Whiskey, 2001

Ike & Tina Turner, Proud Mary, 1970