October 1, 2018

The last few days we had to solve a problem. When we entered Mexico we had a very easy immigration. I was very happy about. Later I found out that we don't have visas and TIP (Temporary Import Permission) for our motorhome. In the state of Sonora this is not a problem since this state likes to welcome foreigners and makes their immigration as easy as possible. We got the visas when we traveled by bus to San Diego at the border in Tijuana. Then I was informed that when we come to the next state, there will be like another border and we will get the TIP there. But we never found any such checkpoint or office. When we arrived in Mexico City we wanted to finally get the TIP. I asked the Swiss embassy for help and visited different offices in Mexico City. Nobody could help us. The advice was to travel back to the border to get the TIP there. Since our motorhome is illegally in Mexico we didn't want to drive ourselves. Therefore we took a bus in the night from Sunday (2018.09.30) to Monday (2018.10.01) and traveled to Nuevo Laredo (1110 km, 16 hours). Here we got the TIP without any problems. Last night we traveled the same way back to Mexico City. The picture shows the Colorado River. In the foreground is Mexico and on the other side of the river the USA. And the bridge connects this two countries. We had to walk here along the river to the customs building.