July 21 - 23, 2019

On July 21 I drove from Brockenau to Isny in Allgäu (Germany) (415 km). Dethleffs the maker of our motorhome is located here. On July 22 at 7.30 am I had an appointment at the service department. Then I had the whole day time to visit Isny and do some work in the customer waiting room. The attached picture show a nice spot in Isny. At 6 pm I drove out of the Service Station with an almost new motorhome. On July 23 I drove to Lenzbug in Switzerland (215 km). With this day our motorhome was back home after 26 months.

July 20, 2019

Today I drove from Antwerpen in Belgium to Brockenau in Germany (348 km). On the way, I passed Koblenz. I wanted to camp on the campground there. But it was fully booked. Therefore I had to drive further on to Brockenau. The campground in Koblenz lays beautifully just across the Mosel river from the German Corner (Deutsches Eck) and where the Mosel converges with the Rhine River. At the German Corner is a huge monument standing which commemorates the founding of Germany in 1871 (see picture).

July 19, 2019

Today our motorhome was ready to get it from the harbor. I had to be at 8.20 at our agent's office. The paperwork was a charm. The agent even drove us to the harbor. There it took maybe half an hour until we were at our motorhomes. I was together with the people who brought the motorhomes together with us to the harbor in Montevideo. We were getting 5 motorhomes out of the harbor. From outside our motorhome looked good. No damages. But inside was a mess. All compartments were open. All our belongings were on the ground (see picture). And many things are stolen. Our first estimate is that things for about 3000 to 5000 dollars were stolen. And the same situation in all five motorhomes! Since we had to give all the keys to the shipping company, the thieves don't break into the motorhomes anymore but they use the keys. And nobody takes some responsibilities for this. We have to bear the losses ourselves. Grrr!

July 18, 2019

Last night I took a bus from Zürich to Antwerpen in Belgium. I arrived this morning in Antwerpen. I had the whole day time to visit the city. I was astonished that one of the main sightseeing points is a printing company. I went there and visited is. The Plantin-Moretus Printing and Publishing Company was founded in 1555. The family owned the company for 8 generations. They printed good quality books and became very rich. But in 1876 the company went bankrupt and the building was sold to the city of Antwerpen who build the museum out of it. There are some other nice buildings and squares in Antwerpen as my picture shows.

July 16, 2019

Tonight was a partial moon eclipse to see in Europe. As I went out to see it the moon was near the castle of Lenzburg as my picture shows it.

July 14, 2019

Last week we were in our old home region the east of Switzerland. We decided we will live here again and started to search for a new home. We lived this week in the house of our friends Karl and Ester. Together with Karl, we hiked one day from Grub SG to Heiden and back (5 km). We crossed a small valley on a new suspension bridge (see picture). From Heiden, there is a nice view over the east part of Lake Constance and parts of the three countries Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

July 5, 2019

Today we are now for a week back in Switzerland. The weather here is much hotter as it was in the last month in South America. Today it was the first time I took my camera out. We walked up to the castle. The picture shows the castle of Lenzburg seen from the city.