May 18, 2016

On May 13 we moved all our belongings to a storage. On May 17 the apartement got cleaned. Today we handed the apartement over to the owner. From now on we will live in our RV or in hotel rooms. The nomadic life can begin!

May 12, 2016

Today we dislocated the RV from St. Gallen to Egnach at Lake Constance. Here we slept the first night in the RV. I went quite good, but not optimal. We will stay here in Egnach for some time until we are ready to start our nomadic live.

May 2, 2016

Today we wanted to buy some gas bottles. The kitchen and the heating need gas. We had to learn, that different countries use different gas bottles and different hookups and different pressure reduction valves. Bevore we can buy gas bottles, we have to find out what hookups are installed in our RV. We found later out that our hookups are for bottle from Switzerland and France. How should we replace the gas bottles it in other countries?